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Name: Leorio
Romaji: Reorio
Seiyuu: Hozumi Goda
Age: 17-30
Birthday: March 3
Blood Type: O
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Hometown: Unknown (a city/town with a view of the ocean)
Relative: Unknown
Nen: Strengtening
Weapon: Pocket Knife
Reason: To get be a doctor and help ill people for free.

At first, Leorio is known for being a money-grubbing idiot he is. But as the stroy goes on, his real intentions was revealed.
He wants to become a doctor to help people. And of course, he needs a lot of money to do that. After the hunter test, Leorio goes of to study in becoming a doctor.
Leorio and Kurapika are quite close even though they criticize each other. It is because Leorio thinks that Kurapika is a much better person to talk with and Kurapika also thinks the same. (And also the fact that Gon and Killua are kids ^_^)
Leorio is the same as Gon, stubborn and has a great sense of humor but a bit different because he is quite fond with girls. He always asks the age when he sees a girl *_* Leorio is not an action type guy, but goes into one when it is really needed. 

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