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Kura symptoms


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Kura symptoms

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    Here are the different kinds of Symptoms for the Kurapika-syndrome
@ You scream when you catch a glimpse of Kurapika
@ You buy blue and red contact lenses
@ You faint when you see his whole face
@ You pester your Mom to get you Kurapika's cothes
@ You win and you get it
@ You get pissed when someone insults him.
@ You kill the person who insulted him
@ You love full moons
@ You insist that the moon is red
@ You absolutely hate spiders
@ If you see one, you murdurously hit it with stacks of heavy objects
  leaving it flat and icky
@ You search at stores for earrings that looked just like his
@ Your search was unsuccessful. Instead, you thinks of a plan to make
@ You ask your dad if you can borrow his welding machine so you can make
  a chain just like Kurapika's
@ You also decide to make a kan, the two sword that Kurapika used while
  you're at it.
@ You clean out stores of Kurapika stuff if you miss any HxH episodes
  with him in it due to depression.
@ You brag about him
@ You quickly kill those who interfere
@ You clean out laminated cards of of him when you and your friends go out
@ You repeatedly write his name on a piece of paper in different kinds
  caligraphy and color
@ You avoid watching spider man even if you want to because kirsten
  dunst is there
@ You curse all those who pair Leorio and Kurapika
@ You quickly look if someone calls you Kurapika and then you smile
@ All your things has Kuarapika's face on it (cellphone, bag etc..)
@ Lastly, you also make a Kurapika syndrome list and the people inside
  your house thinks you're a lunatic.

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