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Hopelessly inlove a shrine to Kurapika-kun


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The story Goes like this...
In a world full of mystery and danger, an innocent boy
named Gon is out to set a journey in finding his father and becoming a
hunter. Hunters are high class and powerful beings that help maintain
the balance of nature whether that person is good or bad. Gon meets
special kinds of friends the same time encounters obstacles as well
as enemies. His friends have different reasons like him in joining the
the hunter's test. Kurapika; a boy who seeks revenge, Leorio; a guy who
dreams of becoming a doctor and not to mention rich. Killua; a highly
trained professional killer who becomes his best friend who wanted onlu
to be a normal kid.  But with the help of Nen, (a special kind of power
that is taught to hunters) and his friends, they face all of it. 
The story starts with Gon meeting a hunter named Kaitou. (Kaitou? isn't
that the Kaitou in YuYu Hakusho?) Well he is not so i won't confuse you.
After meeting this certain hunter who saved him from a certain death,
Kaitou learns that Gon is the son of Jin Freccs (Furikusu), his master.
Jin also turned out to be one of the greatest hunters in the world.
He tells Gon who is surprised, and then decides to be a hunter after
Kaitou asks him to join the hunter test to be a hunter and find his
Father. Before going to the test, Gon like every normal kid, has to ask
permission. Mito, his Aunt-known-mother didn't allow him so they made a
condition. Once Gon catches the GIANT fish in the lake, he gets to go to
the hunters test and find his father. Gon did catch the fish and Mito
lets him go ad tells him that all she told Gon about his father leaving
him is a lie. Gon sets off, meets Leorio then Kurapika. They become
friends in a situation in the ship and went off together helping each
other in the test. He also meets Killua Zoldick during the test and
Killua, considering that he is the same as his age and Gon's sense of
friendliness, became interested in him and became good friends. They
pass the test except Killua. After the test, Killua was forcefully sent
back to his home and Gon, Kurapika and Leorio went to save him and
successfully did the mission. After that, they went on their own lives.
Gon and Killua visited Mito, Leorio studied to be a doctor and Kurapika
looked for a job to get money and track the Ryodan. They learn Nen and
meet different kinds of people and enemies.  

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