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Lone Hunter
-By Sushi
Note: This Fic is obviviously about Kurapika and a charater i made.
 So, kurapika lovers, fans etc... please don't get mad. Just one
 of my silly ideas to give more life to the story....eventhough
 i don't think there's life in this..Feh! whatever...I had this
 question in my mind, what if...There is another survivor in the
 Kuruta other than Kurapika?

 The morning sun lit brightly in the hotel room floor as a pair
of blue eyes opened up to welcome the morning shine. Kurapika stretched
from his bed and heard a groan on the other side. He looked at where
the sound came from and realized that he kicked Leorio's face who came
falling down the bed. He jerked, looked at his right and saw Gon and
Killua hugging each other's feet. It was a stuffy night at the hotel
room, especially when they all had to share one bed because there was
no more available room. Kurapika shook Killua and Gon awake and both
stood up in unison together with Leorio. "Oi! Minna! Ohayou Gozaimasu!"
Kurapika greeted. "Ohayou!!!" Killua and Gon greeted in Unison again.
"A good morning for you maybe! You kicked me out of the bed!" Leorio
scowled and stood up cleaning himself. "Well I'm sorry okay? At least
think about our situation here in the first place." Kurapika scowled
back. "Oi...Minna...Ano...Chotto Matte Kudasai..." Gon looked at the
two boys fighting in front of him and Killua. "Yeah, enough already...
I'm hungry." Killua scratched his head. The fighting scene was a normal
sight for both him and Gon, but Gon seemed to not get use to it. "Ok...
I'll be going outside to get us some food. Who wants to come?" Kurapika
asked as he took his bag that always hang around his body. "ME!!!" Gon
and Killua raised their hands and answered in unison again. "
two seemed to be answering in unison this morning." Leorio smirked. Gon
and Killua looked at each other as they laughed and Kurapika called
them. Leorio was left alone to fix the bed.
"So guys, what do you want?" Kurapika asked as they walked down the
summy streets on the way to the nearest store. "How about some sweets?
candies...Yum!" Killua smiled and let oit his cat-like face. "Sweets
are bad for breakfast Killua." Gon frowned and so did Killua. "How bout
some pancakes?" Gon continued. "That'll be okay.." Kurapika smiled and
then suddenly, stopped dead in his tracks. "Doushita no Kurapika-kun?"
Gon asked as Killua grabbed him from the mouth and told him to shut up.
Gon struggled and Killua lets him go. "Were being followed ne?" Gon
whispered. Kurapika ang Killua looked at him. "You knew?" Both asked.
"Well...yeah..I thought it was nothing since it was a low aura. Gon
continued. "It's moving!" Kurapika yelled and went after it. "Kurapika!
Oi! Cho..Chotto!!!" Killua and Gon yelled as they followed after the red
eyed bishounen. Gon was right and so did him and Killua. Someone was
following them and that someone is infront of him trying to run away but
he caught the person with one simple stretch of his arms. "Alright, I
want some answers! Who are you and why are you following us?" Kurapika
glared as his eyes begin to turn to the shade of blood and pulls out his
nen powered chain. "Watashi..." the captured came. Kurapika decided to
get a better look at the person he captured by taking off its cloak that
covered its face. "O...O..ONNA??!!!" He yelled as he jerked away bumping
onto Gon. "a girl.." Killua's eyes widened. "That's the stalker?" Gon
asked as he approached the frightened girl or at least that's what he
thought she was. Killua stunned, smirked then examined the girl.
"Alright woman, who ordered you to follow us?" He looked at her in
serious eyes which made the girl jerk and ran away again but Gon caught
her on her wrist. "Matte! we just want to know who ordered you to follow
us." Gon tightened his grip. The girl with the same colored locs as
Kurapika and beautiful blue eyes frowned and took a small knife in her
pocket. She quickly slashed Gon's arms to let her go. Gon reacted in
the pain, making her ran away and hold on to his wound. He didn't know
that she was going to do that but luckily, the cut wasn't deep and only
a small scratch. "A small scratch.." Gon mentally whispered. As if the
girl purposely lightened her slash just to hurt him and let her go, not
to kill him. Killua frowned and followed the girl with his fast speed.
Kurapika approached Gon to see if he was badly injured. "Daijoubu..."
Gon looked at Kurapika. "Demo..Killua-kun." He continued. "don't worry
Gon..that girl isn't powerful enough to hurt him. Once he catches her,
we'll settle this." Kurapika smiled. "CHIGAU YO!!" Gon answered w/c
gave a confused look for Kurapika. "What do you mean, Gon?" Kurapika
asked. "Don't hurt her..I think she didn't mean to do this. I think she
just want to ask for help or something." Gon continued opening his hand
and letting out a golden pendant. "Kore wa.." Kurapika's eyes widened.
"This is the same as what you found in the hunter's test right? in the
ship wreckage right?" Gon asked. "The same jewel that belongs only to
the kuruta." He continued. "Where.." Kurapika surprised, took the jewel
and a noise was heard. "I think that thing belongs to this girl here."
Killua came back carrying the unconscious girl. "How can you be so sure?
This is strictly Kuruta property only...I'm the only survivor.." Kurapika
frowned and placed the jewel in his pocket. "Well I cannot answer that.
All I know is that she was pretty stubborn and kept on yelling that she
wants her jewel back. She even ran back for it!" Killua handed the girl
to Kurapika. "What's this?" Kurapika asked. "You want to know? You wait
for her to wake up then you ask." Killua suggested. Kurapika had no
choice. Eventhough he knows that this girl has absolutely no connection
whatsoever to the Geneiryodan, he still had to know where she got the
"A GIRL?!!!! you brought home food with the waitress?" Leorio
yelled but he looked like he liked the idea. "No Idiot! How many times
do we have to tell you, She is a stalker!" Kurapika yelled back. "Oh
and who is she stalking? Killua?" Leorio smiled and looked at Killua.
"Hey! Leave me out of your sick fantasies! And besides, I'd rather be
the stalked than the one being stalked." Killua frowned and Leorio
looked at Gon. "Or maybe you Gon. Maybe she likes kind, sweet, innocent
boys!" He continued and Gon blushed. "Maybe me!" Leorio smiled. "I thought
you said she likes kind, sweet and innocent boys?" Kurapika smirked.
"I think you're not that." He continued and this time, Killua and Gon
joined in smirking. "SHUT UP!" Leorio groaned feeling miserable. Then,
a thump inside the bedroom where the girl is staying was heard. The
four person in the living room suddenly went quiet and all looked at
the direction of the room. "She's awake." Kurapika frowned and stood up.
"Oi..Kurapika..where are you going?" Gon asked. "To ask her some questions."
Kurapika moved along. "Shouldn't you wait until she calms down a little?"
Leorio asked. "Yeah..She was pretty stubborn and was going ballistic
when i caught her." Killua grinned and scratched his chest. "May I
remind you that she is not a guest. She is a stalker. And I will ask
her questions now and I don't care if she isn't calm." Kurapika frowned
and gave his serious look again. "There he goes again..Always so serious.
I hate him when he's that way." Killua frowned as he looked over to Gon.
"Yes..But he is our friend and he is always that way so be patient with him."
Gon smiled. "I know..But he's so..Ah..what the heck, arguing like this won't
help anyway." Killua looked at Leorio. "What's the matter Leorio?" he continued.
"Are you sure everything is going to be okay inside there?" Leorio asked.
"Trust me. everything will be fine. And after that, you can ask the girl's name."
Gon teased.
"Hey." Kurapika whispered that made the girl jerk out of the bed and take
out her pocket knife only to find out that it was missing. "Looking for
this?" Kurapika held out the knife and the girl was surprised to see her
knife. "Give that back!" She shouted. A sudden thump on the door was heard
and Kurapika knew it was Gon and the others trying to open the door or maybe
even trying to listen because a shout was heard. "Keep it down will ya?
the others might think i'm torturing you." Kurapika sweatdropped. "I WON"T
ME MY JEWEL!!" She yelled again and continously looking at both sides for
a weapon. "That's what I came here

*_* There you have it! the first chapter! Tell me what you think of it.
    Second chapter coming soon! Don't worry I'll work on it! 

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