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Name: Curapikt
Romaji: Kurapika
Seiyuu: Kaida Yuki
Age: 14-17
Birthday: April 4
Blood Type: AB
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Relative: Kuruta Tribe (ceased)
Nen: Embodying [red eyes]
Weapon: Kan (two swords chained together) and a non-breakable Chain
attached on his right hand.

Kurapika wanted to become a blacklist hunter to avenge his clan who was killed for their eyes by the
Geneiryodan or Phantom Brigade. Kurapika's clan was called the Kuruta. And this group have beautiful
blue eyes that turn red everytime they are angry and will stay that way when killed. He is somewhat snobbish and
easily hot-tempered but intelligent. At the hunter's test, Kurapika is a bit humorish and freindly but after that, he became a revenge-headed
guy and is always serious. At first, Kurapika started a fight with Leorio when he insulted his clan. But this was put to a stop when an
incident involving Gon happened. Kurapika's red eyes allows him to use all types of nen in 100%.
He applied for a job in one of the mafia as a bodyguard so he can enter and have information about the Geneiryodan in an auction in York New City (New York City?)
*NOTE* Kurapika is a boy. Togashi-sensei never mentioned that he was one and i would die if he did. Either way, he didn't and in episode 45, it showed Kurapika naked!!! well a bit but it did show his chest!!. And also, in manga no 114, when Kurapika DISGUISED!!!!
as a girl to kidnap Kuroro, Kuroro told him that he didn't know that the chain master was a girl and Kurapika too of his wig and angrily said he didn't say he was one and that looks can be deceiving.