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Name: Killua Zoldikk
Romaji: Kirua Zorudikku
Seiyuu: Mitsuhashi Kanako
Age: 12
Birthday: July 7
Blood Type: A
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Hometown: Kukuruu Mountain
Relative: Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, Mother, 2 older Brother, and 1 young sister.
Nen: Changing
Weapon: His hand
Reason: Get away from being the life of an assasin and do something to keep him from being bored

Killua is a rich professional killer. He belongs to a family of hired professional killers. He is a boy who likes to have fun
that's why he escaped in his home. (actually hurting his brother and mother in the process) He likes to spend money buying food and toys for himself.
He changes attitude after meeting Gon.(who doesn't care even if he is a professional killer) But he sometimes think if he can beat him and sometimes care a lot for him. (2 attittudes)
He is the only one in the group who doesn't get a hunter's liscence because of his brother Irumi, who followed him to bring him back. Killua is one strong and humorous kid as the story
goes on. He experience emotion with the company of Gon and also experiencing how it is like to be loved by a mother like Mito. Killua sometimesacts like he doesn't care but really, he cares.