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Name: Gon Freeces
Romaji: Gon Hurikusu
Seiyuu: Takeuchi Junko
Age: 12
Birthday: May 5
Blood Type: B
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Hometown: Whales Island
Relative: Aunt Mito, Obachan, Jin Freeces
Nen: Strengtening
Weapon: Jin's Fishing Rod
Reason: To meet his father, Jin Freeces, a Legendary Hunter.

Gon grew up in the mountains/forest. Which probably explains why he is
very close and friendly to animals and is very sensitive to his surroundings.
A few may not like Gon very much but I do like him and he is the main character of the story. I think he deserves it very much.
One day, when Gon was almost attacked by a bear-like creature, A hunter named Kaitou saved him and Gon was then recognized as the son of Jin Freccs by 
by the hunter. Kaitou told him that Jin was one of the greatest hunters in the world and he was looking for him because he Jin was his master.
He then tells Gon about becoming a hunter and Gon tells Mito and sets his Goal.
His goal is to look for his father who left him in the care of his aunt Mito, his deceased mother's sister.
Actually, he doesn't care anymore about his mother because his aunt is the mother he knows, need and love.
On the way in becoming a hunter, he meets Leorio and Kurapika and then later on Killua who becomes his bestfriend.
He has an attitude of being stubborn like Leorio and is always calm and thinks of great ideas in a critical situation.
Gon is always fair even with enemies and sometimes ends up trusting them. He hates people who hurt other people or kill them with no heart.
All in all, Gon is a smart, funny and loving boy.